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Reshar Collifey


Reshar Collifey was added to the Darigan Citadel team when traded for Mungo Lifler. He is an asset to the team in all areas: quickness, good hands and energy, but as with all rookies his inexperience could be his downfall.


The team owes it to our fans to win the Cup. We've been lucky to have their support and unwavering faith in DC.
Vickles, as always, has been a wonderful captain... and also a mentor and friend. I have come a long way under his inspiring leadership. We are all impatiently waiting for this year's tourney and are going to bring our best game.

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Reshar participated as a member of the Darigan Yooyuball team from 2007 to 2023.


Most Valuable Player (runner up)
All-Neopia Second Team - Goalkeeper
Rookie of the Year (runner up)

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