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Rarely seen in Neopia because she's always soaring across the galaxies, Mira the Space Faerie has protected Neopets from cosmic danger for as long as anyone can remember. Though every now and then she'll visit the planet to task Neopians with her quests, which when completed can raise a Neopet's stats up 4 levels!

A few years back when the Virtupets Space Station was first introduced, she was the hero of the Virtupets plot and stopped Dr. Sloth from his very first attempt to take over Neopia.

The Space Faerie has the ability to feel pain when Neopets are in harm's way, and also has the power of telepathy. Whenever she's needed, she'll swoop in to save the day.


Let's get this over with!
Oh well, you will do better next time!!!
Attention! This may hurt...
You are exerting yourself way too much, maybe this will help!
Wow, we could use you in the next war!!!
Turn the cannon up to High! *Maybe that is too high... Oh Well!*
Ho Hum, so when is this battle supposed to start?!
Let's try the Attack Fork!
The enemy approaches, but they seem to be hesitant...
Take THAT!
YOU are a piece of cake compared to Dr. Sloth!
I wonder how these work...
Neopia's night skies are in trouble! I don't know if this is one of Dr. Sloth's evil schemes or just a really pretty form of pollution. All these spheres are making it pretty hard to fly around up here, though. It's going to take some dedicated spinning to clear this mess. You are going to help me, right?
What in the name of the first faerie are you doing out in space, Neopian? Comets are heading straight for Neopia and I don't have time to be a tour guide! If you can't help out, then at least stay out of my way.
I was heading off to Mystery Island for a nice vacation... *sigh* The survival of Neopia comes first. Care to help me out and make the job go quicker?
Fortunately, the universe doesn't always need saving from the likes of Dr. Sloth. I like to spend some of my free time playing with the wonders of the stars, like this little game. It can be quite relaxing.
I mean as long as your helping me blast these blastoids...I'm not opposed to a challenge!

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The Space Faerie serves as the mascot for Premium accounts!

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