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Lava Ghoul


If you're freaked out by long tongues (The Lava Ghoul's has a reach of over twenty feet), you don't want to be near this Mystery Island ghoul. Not to mention it's very hot around the Lava Ghoul, it being made out of lava and all. The Lava Ghoul is originally from the Mystery Island, but it can be spotted anywhere in the world, causing chaos everywhere it goes.


Shall we start?
Hehe, better luck next time!!!
I'm HOT!!!!
Now I have had enough!
You aren't very amusing...
Nah Nah Nanah Nah, You are never going to beat ME...
You think you are sneaky huh...
Is that yellow I see on your back?
Let's see if you have what it takes...
So WHY are you bothering me?
Wow!! Those were some good moves!
What are the chances of being struck by lightning? Must be fairly high!
Be afraid, be very afraid...
Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with fire?

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The Lava Ghoul is a former Gallery of Evil character, but was later removed.

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