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The Mistress of the Double-cross, Masila is a scheming Acara that was part of the Thieves Guild. She pretended to love the leader, Galem, but what little feelings she had were for Kanrik, with whom Masila tried to kill Galem. The assassination attempt failed and Masila poisoned Kanrik and had him removed from the guild. During the fight in the Ice Caves, Masila fled the fight and swore to have revenge on Kanrik and Hannah.


My love, if you wish I will walk among the thieves this night. They work hard and will need words of encouragement.
So my clever little love, you were the one who found what Galem was looking for.
With its help we could kill Galem and lead the thieves, you and I.
He is a thief. Banishment from the Thieves Guild would be a far worse punishment than death.
Curse you Kanrik, Betrayer.
I will have my revenge on you and your beloved Hannah.

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Her earrings, cloak and brooch were stolen from their original owner, a rich girl who had trusted Masila.

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