The Book of Ages

Zafara Digger


This Zafara was part of the team that helped to excavate a mysterious structure that appeared in Tyrannia after an earthquake. He followed the Tyrannian Paleontological Association's manual very closely - but was not actually part of the archaeology team.


What an earthquake, eh? You must be with the digging crew. Care to help us excavate?
Looks like we're starting to make some progress with the excavation. Feel free to help!
Almost there... Whew! I'm taking a break, but please, keep digging. We're not done yet!
Whoa There! The Tyrannian Paleontological Association will have our hides if we let you keep digging without a water break. It's important to stay hydrated, you know! Come back when you're properly rested, as described on page 8, paragraph 13c of the manual.

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