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Perhaps the giver of the most sought out quests, whoever completes a rainbow fountain faerie quest gets a chance to paint their pet for free in the magical waters of the rainbow fountain! Naia loves singing and hearing gossip.


My beautiful fountain is not working.
Next time you visit my fountain, I'll have a little surprise for you.
Here For A Treat? Oh dear, I'm afraid all the magic has run out of my goodie bags. You'll have to come back later... just kidding! For once, I can actually give you something, even if it's not a new paint colour. Happy Halloween, dear!
Now my fountain is clogged! That "Drain-Ee-Oh-Ho-Ho-Ho" didn't clean them at all. If anything, it made it worse. Could you bring me (ITEM) to unclog it. I mean really. It's almost like this salesman doesn't want any return customers.
We'll need the item to unclog the fountain. Never you mind how.
I've found the blockage. Pass me the (ITEM).
Now to test the pressure... Perfect. The colours are flowing like a dream.
I have made a terrible mistake. My fountain had run out of blue so I bought a vial from that Krawk with the top hat. As soon as the "Better Blue" touched the water, my whole fountain turned grey. He says that only a "Colour Restorer" will fix it but he wants (ITEM) in return. Could you help me?
What would Mister Krawley want with it? Well. Sacrifices must be made to keep Neopia colourful.
My fountain is almost completely colourless. Could you hand me the (ITEM)?
True to his word. The colour is back. Your kindness will never be forgotten.
Every year I try to make a splash in Faerieland, but his time, when I sprinkled the packet of "Super-Splash" into my fountain, it splashed all the colour away. Fyora says she knows a spell to retrieve them but it looks rather complicated. Would you find (ITEM) for me?
My colour has been all splashed away. I could really use it.
(ITEM)! A final component of the spell...
Remarkable! All the colour returned. I'm genuinely surprised that worked.

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