The Book of Ages

Princess Lunara


The daughter of the Emperor of Shenkuu, and future Empress. Lunara was sad and lonely, despite the best efforts of her loyal petpet Kazeriu, named Umbra. Help came from her younger sister, who had an idea for a game: Lunara pretended to be kidnapped, which led the Emperor to start a search for her. With the help of a certain Aisha, Lunara was found and the truth was revealed.

Later, Lunara discovered an ancient magical lapis amulet, with the ability to let her listen in on far away conversations.


The search for the kidnappers will be in vain...
So you see, Father, it was just a silly game. I should've known better.
Oh, I do hate it ever so much when my little sister goes mountain climbing alone. It makes me so nervous. If you could go along with her I'd be much in your debt. I know you'll never be able to keep up with her the whole day, but if you can stay with her for a good while I shall reward you.
Father is having me oversee the latest round of exams. I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm so sleepy. Nonetheless, I must ensure that only the finest scholars are chosen... Zzzz...

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