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October 20, 2010

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Balthazar the Bounty Hunter was abandoned by his family at the edge of the Haunted Woods when he was still a small cub. Balthazar entered the forest and was attacked by Dark Faeries. Ever since he has hunted the Faeries down, selling each bottled faerie to Neopians, making him rich.


Oh YA! Try to fight me!
Are you hiding something from me?!?
Wanna go hunting?
Yuck, you are the most hideous pet I have ever seen!
hmmm yummmy...NeoPops...
What do you think you are doing...
Im going to cut you into ribbons!
Do you like horror stories? Well you are about to live one...
GRRRRR!! How did you beat me?
I need a new chew toy, what do you think...
Put that pathetic pea shooter away.
I could hurt *anyone* now...
Take THAT!
Oh, that had to hurt! Better luck next time!!!
Catching faeries all day is exhausting, so I like to unwind here on Terror Mountain, helping out the local villagers. It's community service, you know, really rewarding stuff. You should try it!
I'm the best Petpet-catcher in Neopia. You think a few Kookiths are going to give me trouble? Please. These Kookiths have no idea who they're up against. Stand back and observe a pro.
Mmmm petpets... I smell lunch! It's going to take an extreme score to stop me.

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He sometimes donates faeries to the Money Tree in an event called the Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza.

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