The Book of Ages

The Duchess


This Lenny is the mysterious apparent head of the secret society known as the Sway. She is as ruthless as she is cunning, and doesn't mince her words. She sends important messages via Crokabek.


The battle will begin soon. See that all your preparations are completed beforehand; our plans do not include rescuing you.
Yes, yes, go defenestrate our enemies. If you can't find a convenient window, I'm sure you can be creative.
Yes, it's a struggle. That's why they call it fighting, my dear. Isn't it fun?
Your work in acquiring the obelisk is of course appreciated. You must excuse me; I am developing a code for some of my agents.
Are they giving you trouble, my dear? Tell them their doom is upon them and the Crokabek crows at dawn. Works every time.
I think perhaps I'll disguise this next missive as part of a hoax. I do love hiding things in plain sight.
What, you haven't reached the obelisk yet? Must I do everything myself?
Queen Fyora may not see things my way now, but once our plan is complete... Oh, did I say that out loud?
Excuse me, I have a meeting with King -- well, it's none of your concern. Hand me that mind control perfume.
How goes the battle? I trust you to succeed, of course. Do not disappoint me.
My dear, take a moment and have some tea. Good? Now, get back to work.
Why is it no one listens to directions? My plan has a mere six hundred steps. It should be simple to complete!
Perhaps if you tried more hypnosis and less barbaric whacking you might have better results.
I have just received a troubling report from an agent. Please continue with the battle; I'll be back shortly.
What? We're not done? *sigh* When I said to remove them, I meant all of them. Please don't waste my time.
Oh, they're getting more difficult, aren't they? It's almost like our opponents made a plan. How cute! Destroy them.
Adorable. There may actually be a little challenge to your next fight. Do be careful; I'm too busy to scrape you off the floor.
It seems we have come to the final battle. Do not underestimate your opponent. I need you for our plans.
HER! I... cannot believe it. It must be a trick. Destroy her; do whatever you must. The plan has changed.
All our plans were so elegant... but we did not foresee the Oracle. This blindness must never strike us again. Learn everything you can from her; she will prove useful to us.
We've won, but at what cost? Neopia now knows of the Sway. Our movements will be hampered by the precautions we must now take. Still, to lose this war would have meant allowing rabble to run the world. Choose your rewards. You've done well.
Oh, how odious! I cannot abide that sort of weapon. Remove it at once.
This is all part of my plan.
Such a violent manner! I won't have it.
You will see the consequences of your actions soon enough.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
You have become quite an annoyance.
Are you sure you want to fight?
Poor fool, you have no idea.
Empty threats are not my style.
You only think you're clever, my dear.
Ah, you were so much more pleasant as a young child. Pity.
You would threaten a lady? How ungracious.
You poor thing.
I have toppled empires. You don't quite compare.
Is this your grand strategy?

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