The Book of Ages

Professor Lambert


This Gnorbu is the head of the society of intellectuals known as the Seekers. He convinced the group to send an expedition to Tyrannia to investigate the Obelisk.


Yes, hmm. It seems there will be fighting. I've devised a plan, but please arrange strategies of your own, in case we are drawn apart in the chaos.
I say, this battle is starting out rather well for us. I expected better of our opponents. Well, go take advantage of their disarray.
I do miss afternoon tea with my Hoggir. *sigh* Soon, all of this will be just another page in the history books...
We're doing splendidly. Group hug! ...I'm not serious, get off me!
Narinus the Athletic said, "Know your enemy, and the battle will go well." He was talking about Yooyuball, though.
Do you suppose if we just asked nicely, they'd grant us the obelisk? *sigh* Me neither. Louts.
Our enemies have no idea what power lies hidden in the obelisk! Then again, neither do we.
*sigh* Violence is not the answer. But it does facilitate certain goals. We do this for the obelisk.
You cannot win a battle without bending your mind toward victory. Never fight without purpose.
Remember, wit is a weapon. It's not nice to attack the unarmed.
Do you suppose the obelisk has murals on it? I do love a good mural. Or, ooh, maybe it has hieroglyphics!
Someday the darkness of ignorance may spread across Neopia, but this is not that day. Today, we fight for truth!
Narinus the Athletic once said that to underestimate an enemy was to give him victory. Just so we're clear, we're not handing out victory today.
This looks to be the main component of their various armies. Hold fast, and let the wisdom of the Seekers guide you in battle.
I've ordered reinforcements to help turn the tide, but it's up to you to lead the charge. Remember your training.
Ready the war machines! Unleash the Doglefoxes of war! Oh, we didn't bring those? Darn. I really must plan better next time.
Well -- we are come to it. The reckoning. You face the greatest enemies of knowledge. Do not allow them to prevail!
That thing is just an illusion, drawn from our nightmares. It must be. To sleep now would be to betray everything we have worked for.
What an amazing breakthrough! An Oracle! But who did she once prophesy to, if she predates history? This discovery has raised more questions, it seems. We have much to learn.
What have I done? I have led gentle scholars into strife and chaos. Yet our cause was noble and necessary... I only wish that being right always led to success. There are dark days ahead of us. We have salvaged a few things from the field. Please choose your rewards.
You mean to partake in fisticuffs with me? How contemptible.
*Sigh* You may have won this one time, but never again!
Ah, I have been waiting for just the right moment to try out my latest invention. Hold still.
Your attack is not wise.
Good heavens, of course umbrellas are weapons.
Good try, but I have the perfect tool to render your attacks ineffective.
There are at least seventy two uses for an unmodified umbrella in the Shenkuu fighting arts.
Outmatched? Of course, you are.
A cup of tea and an armchair are waiting for me. Do not delay me.
*sniff* I do hate violence.
You miscalculated a bit.
Oh! You hit me! The velocity of that hit was quite intriguing, however. Please explain your method.
HA! You shall delay me no further!
History repeats itself; Neopia has always struggled between wisdom and violence. *sigh*
This obelisk is far too advanced for the rabble to study. It needs Neopets of science.

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