The Book of Ages

Lanie and Lillie


These twins of unknown undead status noticed the fight over the Obelisk in Tyrannia and wanted to get involved. They summoned undead from all over Neopia under the title of the Awakened, and joined the battle.


Hurray. Let us go forth to the obelisk / where we will cavort and frolic merrily. / Prepare yourself; there are always those / who will try to stop us, the meanies
Hurray! There is already a party here / to welcome us to the obelisk. Go and / introduce yourself to them all.
Everyone accuses us of doing away with other Neopets. / Just because they're never heard from again... / It's not nice to assume.
It's not nice to fight someone unless you can win. / Then you can share the joy of being undead with them.
Brains? Braaaaaaaaaains... / Stop that. You sound silly. / You're just jealous of my delightfully vacant stare.
Have we appeared in Mayor Thumburt's mirror yet today? / Yes, while he was brushing his beak. He squeaked in terror.
Please see if that person is all right. / If not, please check their pockets. / We think they had toffees.
We expect the obelisk tastes like rainbows and cherry candy. / With an aftertaste of brains.
The more they struggle against us, / the more we find it amusing. / Like bugs caught in a web.
This war is entirely too civilised. / Someone should run around with their trousers inside out. / Yes. Fun times.
Of course we want the obelisk. / We can finally invite all of our friends to join us, / instead of just a few.
Someone told us there was a war and we should go somewhere safe. / We ate him for breakfast. Yum.
It's a nice day for a party. The sky is bleak and grey. / The air smells of decay and raspberry candy floss.
Did you remember to feed the Warf? / Of course. Always feed your Petpets before inciting mass hysteria.
Oh, look, they've sent us more victims to make undead. / How thoughtful. / Hope they weren't busy today.
That may have stung a little. Do you think they might be attacking us? / Yes. / Perhaps we should teach them a lesson.
This is not fair. We were promised cake and ice cream. / What kind of party is this? Please convey our disappointment.
That's it. They made us drop our lollies. / Now we're mad. Go express our anger for us. / Hijinks. Shenanigans. Tomfoolery.
Dear Meepits, no. It is our little brother. / This is the worst thing ever. Save us. Save us. / We must hide before he sees us. Good luck.
This Oracle sounds like fun. We must invite her to our next party. Do you suppose she likes brains or candy? We expect she will like us. After all, she was buried for a long time like many of our friends.
Our party is over. Sad now. At least we had fireworks and carousing. Yay. Also, we managed to hug everyone. Yay. Soon we may have many more friends. Oh. Have you picked up your party favour yet? You mustn't forget.
Are you ready yet?
You will pay for that!
You should just join us. Then you could be happy.
Who are you? You're not on the guest list.
We're telling Mum that you hit us.
Brains make the world go round. Why not give us yours? It's only nice.
If you want an invite to the next party, stop hitting us.
That's it. Get the lollies ready. We're mad now.
We're a little busy hosting an obelisk party. Shoo.
We don't like your choice of party clothes.
Why are you attacking us? That's just mean.
Would you like a lolly?
Did you at least bring us some brains?
You're interrupting our excellent party.
It was a good party until now.

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The Twins often finish each other's sentences when speaking. A poem by Lawyerbot implies that Lanie and Lillie are zombies who died whilst fetching water from a well to fill their mother's bath.

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