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Abigail is the sister of Aristotle A. Avinroo, and the cousin of Lulu. In 2008, King Roothless kidnapped her and her brother, forcing them to play games for a month. Abigail seemed to take the confinement better than her brother. She seems to have had a little bit of a crush on Chadley, but this quickly changed when she actually met him.


Hey, if I can send a great score on this game, you can send a great score, too. AAA can't have all the glory, right?
Sometimes you just want to play a game to have fun, you know? And this is the perfect game for that.
If I have to listen to AAA tell me about his brilliant strategy one more time... let's just say that I'm motivated to win.
AAA is too serious. I think a good gamer enjoys the game, not just the score at the end. It's the journey that matters.
You know, the funny thing about having AAA for a brother is that I find myself becoming a great gamer just to spite him...
Yay! I love this game; it's so much fun. I totally forgot about it, too, so I guess it's a good thing we're having this contest!
Oh, this game! Yeah, I played this a million times a while back, so I'm sure it'll be a breeze now. Probably. It'll be fun, anyway.
I have a good feeling about this little contest of ours. AAA won't know what hit him if we keep up the good work!
Argh, AAA is soooo annoying! Please help me win this contest so I don't have to listen to his victory song!
AAA thinks playing games is all about winning. There's more to it than that. That's not to say that winning isn't fun, too...
My brother AAA has no appreciation for the finer games, like this one!
AAA doesn't know it, but I'm actually rather fond of this game. I highly recommend it, but don't tell him I said that.
I had this horrible nightmare where AAA and I had been captured by Roothless again... and I couldn't find my way out! Help me beat this game, just to show Roothless he can't win.
Daily Dare may be here, but that doesn't mean I can't play with my dolls a little longer, right? AAA won't notice if I'm late sending scores. He's too busy admiring his trophy collection.
Come on guys, AAA needs to know we can beat him!
Help the true 'Master of Games' escape the evil clutches of King Roothless!

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Although in most of her appearances she scores a lot less in games than AAA, in certain Games Master Challenges she has revealed that she is actually just as good as him, but deliberately holds back.

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