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Psellia, a peaceful Air Faerie, once lived on a cloud outside Faerieland. It was one day, however, that a Blumaroo fell, plummeting to the sea below. Psellia flew into action, saving the Blumaroo from a watery grave, and that is why King Altador invited her to be a protector of Altador, bearing the constellation "The Dreamer."

During the Battle for Meridell plot, she rescued Jeran from certain death when he fell from the Darigan Citadel.


Oh my, I hear the air faerie bubbles in this game are just a terror, hehe. We do have very strong magic you know. If you are able to defeat my score and prove yourself capable of handling it, I'll give you a gift...
*yawn* Oh my, I seem to have overslept a little. Faerieland sure looks strange. GOODNESS! This is a disaster! When did Faerieland fall? Ugh, I can't deal with this right now. I need coffee. Maybe I'll pop a few faerie bubbles while it brews.

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In the Darkest Faerie game, her statue had the inscription, "Daughter of wind, Defender of sky, Shape our fair weather, from your perch on high.". She sends messages using her pet Harris.

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