The Book of Ages

Lord Norheim


Norheim is a member of the secret organisation known as the Sway. He appears to have been a member for some time, but his exact place in the hierarchy is unknown. He possesses an amulet of hypnosis that he can use to make people forget things, and makes his home in a castle where one of the Sway's initiation ceremonies takes place. During the battle for the Tyrannian Obelisk, he took part in the fourth wave under the name Cunning Mastermind.


This shall be a fight you won't forget.
Hahaha, you will not be fighting again soon!
You will pay for that!
I'm not concerned with you.
Oh, you're so naive.
You might have made a great warrior. But now we'll never know - will we?
You are becoming quite troublesome.
You should never have crossed paths with the Sway.
The loss of an eye could be most... inconvenient.
The obelisk belongs to the Sway. Until you understand this, there will be pain.
I serve my lady... for now.
Silly Neopet... what were you thinking coming here?
I'm really a very gentle person.
Well, if I must kill someone...
The game continues...

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