The Book of Ages

Ganfrey the Good


Ganfrey is a member of the Order of the Red Erisim. He is friends with Hilda the Hedgewitch. In the Battledome, he was known as a Minor Warlock.


Let's FIGHT!
You won't beat me every time!!!
Grr . . . you are a pesky one.
You haven't forgotten me, have you?
I have a spell that will thwart you . . . what was it?
You're looking a bit beaten up.
When we take over the obelisk, I'm going to become the greatest wizard ever!
A wizard without a pointy hat isn't a proper wizard.
I have more magic in my pinky finger than you have in your entire body!
OH! Did you say explosives?!?
Look over there! HA! you fell for it!
You seem to have gotten a bit dirty out here.
Do you know what is charred and covered in mud? You!!! HAHAHAA.
Let's see . . . was it swish and then wave, or the other way?
HAHAHA, maybe after practice you will beat me!!!

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