The Book of Ages

Hilda the Hedgewitch


Hilda is an accomplished witch, and member of the Order of the Red Erisim. She has won the Cauldron Throwdown competition seven years in a row, and keeps a Naalala as a pet. She appears to be friends with Ganfrey the Good.


You think to fight me?!?
Bah, you were just lucky!
HA! I'm going to turn you into a Mallard next!
Let's see how much power we can call forth from this old wand, shall we?!?
Even if I run out of spells I can still hit you with my staff!
I bet you haven't heard of THIS spell!
May worms grow out of your ears!
Witches have saved Neopia many times without anyone noticing. And you repay us with fighting.
That is an explosive combination!
I bet you aren't agile enough to dodge all my attacks!
You are no match for me! Why don't you go fight my Petpet instead?
I think I left my potion boiling...
Magic shall win!

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