The Book of Ages

Alhana the Patient


This Bori is a member of the Brute Squad who often takes part in recruitment drives. She is seen to stress that being strong doesn't make you mean. During the war over the Obelisk, she appeared under the name Brutal Mercenary.


We shall fight!
You are just too weak.
I will beat you next time.
Do you want to run away yet?
I like maces. They can break anything.
I will honour my fellow warriors.
I will not allow you to win.
Fight like a warrior!
Pain is just part of the job.
You are not worthy.
Wait, yes... stand just there...
Only the strong should claim the obelisk.
Fight now, or you will lose. Well, you will lose anyway.
This is where it ends for you.
You did not honour your people.

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