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Buster is a relic Poogle who had a talent for playing the jazz trumpet. Unfortunately, his imposing stature meant it was difficult for him to find work, so he joined the Brute Squad instead. During the war for the Tyrannian Obelisk, he appeared as a Back Alley Bruiser.


You, Me FIGHT!
You beat me!!
I will pound you into the ground!
You lose!
HA HA HA, was that your attack?
Are you blind? You cannot stand against all of us!
Did you attack?
What makes you think you can beat me?
I am strong enough to withstand your attacks!
Did you think I would be that easy to beat?
Heh, you are so small!
Sure, you can have the obelisk. After I've pounded you into a pancake!
You keep hitting me, but rocks don't feel feathers.

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