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Katie is Professor Lambert's niece, and stays with him in Brightvale to deal with his paperwork. She is a competent mechanic, and uses her robot, Tiny, to deal with bullies. During the battle for the Tyrannian Obelisk, she took part in the fourth wave under the name Genius Inventor.


Start running!
I will get you next time!!!
If I hit ya, you're going to feel it.
Don't mess with a girl and her robot!
Not bad, not bad.
I regret nothing!
Respect the robot!
Get 'em, Tiny!
This is getting good.
HAHAHA, maybe after practice you will beat me!!!
Best robot ever.
I came to the Space Station to study the effects of low gravity on fluid mechanics, but someone is mistreating these robot Petpets! Naturally I had to step in and invent a stabilising mechanism. I've only got one, but if you want to help out, I'm not complaining!

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