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Sandro is a member of the Seekers who once lent Katie his copy of Philosophy of War. During the war for the Obelisk, he appeared under the name Smug Philosopher. After the War for the Obelisk, he went to an isolated cabin in the Haunted Woods to contemplate life.


Hello, care for a fight?
You have a bit of style, you know that?
Gah! I have some dirt on my sleeve!
I've always been more receptive to King Hagan's doctrines than those of King Skarl.
I'm going to write a book about this battle... once I defeat you, of course.
Pah! Do you think I can't see you?
Tea time!
I'd rather be reading in my library. Could we hurry this up?
Where were we?
Have you seen my slippers?
Your actions indicate the ideology behind them lacks... how shall I say it? Sound reasoning.
Oh, I've read about this attack... It's not very effective. Are you sure you want to use it?
You're not one of those lumbering fools who burns books, are you?
You could use a bit of help I think...

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