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Echo is the ghost of a Hissi Knight who is a member of the Awakened. She once served a king who was poisoned by a dish of Evil Baklava, and blames herself for being unable to protect him. She is friends with Halima, a mummy from the desert, and visits her frequently. During the war over the Obelisk in Tyrannia, she appeared under the name Ghostly Knight.


You wish to fight?
You won't beat me again!
I've no desire to waste time on the likes of you!
Stand up and fight like a Neopet!
You should really get into the spirit of the battle.
Only the strong shall proceed and you are not strong!
Let the spirits be with you...
HISSSSS... You shall pay for that!
You need a new way to look at things.
If you get too close I will take a bite out of you.
Crawl back to where you came from!
The dead love a good fight.
I'll show you the way... Muhahaha!
You must be brave or a fool.
You shall never make it through this war!

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