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Torakor is one of the twelve protectors of Altador. Originally a member of a malicious army that sacked villages, Torakor joined the forces of one such village, repelling the attackers. He became a protector because of this act of courage, and bears the constellation "The Gladiator."

In the Darkest Faerie game, Torakor disguised himself as a man-at-arms at Meridell Castle, and was the one who trained Tor to be a knight under the name of Torak. When the Darkest Faerie took over Meridell, he escaped back to Altador.


The only thing louder than his battle roar is the cheering of his fans.
Ah, the thrill of the race. I love a good gladiator battle, but sometimes it's fun to team up with one of those cute little Alabrisses and go charging madly around a race track. I always win, of course.

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In the Darkest Faerie game, his statue had the inscription, "Great champion, to you we pray; In grand arenas, you hunt your prey. In battles of legend, you take up arms, and stop all those who do us harm."

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