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This Scientist is a member of the Seekers, and was the first to enter the battle for the Tyrannian Obelisk under the name Assistant Scientist. He attended the Space Station University for Intelligent Neopets, and has six little sisters.


Shall we Start?
You shan't beat me again!
I have calculated that you will lose soon.
You would increase your survival odds if you transferred factions, you know.
You want the obelisk? Can you even determine its azimuth?
Antagonism is just a normal chemical phenomenon, like synergy.
Allow me to school you on the dangers of conflagrations.
What happens when you mix goo and steam? A complex chemical process I summarise as SPLAT!
I think I have something for you in my backpack.
There's only a minor probability that the aqueous solution will liquefy your shoes.
This ray doesn't neutralise the device, it only neutralises you!
Don't you know anything?
Better work on that!
I've already calculated the perfect trajectory, so please don't move.
That must have hurt!

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His name was revealed in an editorial.

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