The Book of Ages

Guardsman Henry


This guard spends most of his time wandering about in Meridell castle.


So you're the one Master Torak's talking about.
So you must be the one that got Torak's sword back together!
He's had that sword for as long as I can remember...
If Master Torak's too tough, just remember, he trains the best!
Master Torak's trained over half the knights in the kingdom.
I'm sure you'll do fine.
At your service, sir.
You hear those Crokabeks out in the Courtyard! They're keeping the king awake!
There's trouble up in Cogham, bad trouble.
I hear that those Ixi Raiders are disturbing the whole kingdom!
Someone's going to have to help that town, Cogham.
At your service.
Sir. I'm here if you need anything.
I'm sure the King knows what he's doing.

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