The Book of Ages

Shady Prowler


This thief took part in the battle for the Tyrannian Obelisk as part of the fourth wave. She was relishing the potential challenge of the fight.


You want to fight? Alright, but be prepared to lose.
You will lose if we fight again.
If you are feeling pain it could be the garlic I sneaked into your system while you weren't looking...
The results of a battle never interested me, only the game of it.
Don't keep a thief waiting too long or they are sure to find something shiny to interest them.
If I only have to fight enemies like you, getting the obelisk will be a piece of cake.
Save a dagger for a rainy day - and another, in case it doesn't rain.
A thief that knows the ropes isn't likely to stay tied up long.
I have my suspicions about the obelisk... not that I'll share them with you.
I generally avoid wars, but this one will be worth the trouble.
Between two enemies, I always pick the one I have never fought before.
A good fight is hard to find.
A weapon in the hand is worth two on the ground.
It's not the danger in the battles, but the excitement that draws me.
I'm good... very good.

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