The Book of Ages

Kau Fortune Teller


A mysterious wanderer who came to the aid of Neopians during the Lost Desert Plot. With her fortune telling skills and knowledge of Sakhmet history, she was able to decipher the various tablets and scrolls that led to clues on solving the mystery of Prince Jazan and Qasala. Though once the Desert Plot was over, she appeared to join a band of wanderers in the Haunted Woods.


I've been expecting you.
I see...I see...a good time to start investing in VPTS!
I see ancient pharaohs laid at rest.
I see debris on a frigid battlefield.
I see a rivalry of five.
I see fortunes cast upon the waters.
I see countless eyes.
I see a great deal of fun.
I see a rule that must be broken.
Today's lottery number is: [number]
I see a tournament that rolled on.
I see a chia resting by a tree.
I see you lost in the darkness.
I see you giving into your dreams.

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