The Book of Ages



This spirit appeared at the conclusion of the war over the Tyrannian Obelisk as the embodiment of the Awakened's worst fears. It was summoned by the Oracle.


Are you sure you want to fight?
I'd take you with me now, but... maybe later.
If you can't die, you're not really alive, are you? Oooh, thinking! It makes my head hurt!
YAY! Everyone knows babies are better than the undead!
Aren't you just the sweetest thing! *Hugs*
Aw, do you need healing? I've got a better idea! Just give up!
HA HA HA, you are so much fun! Do that again! It tickles!
There is something in you that glows bright like the sun!
Peek-a-boo! I see you smiling!
Love requires a beating heart. Aw, frowny face time.
I love to laugh! HA HA HA! Try it! HA HA HA HA! I am just filled with happiness!
Existence is overrated, you know! Try something new!
You can't defeat me, not really.
Immortality is such a burden. Why not let me win? HA HA!
You may have won this time, but you'll give up eventually!

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