The Book of Ages



This spirit appeared at the conclusion of the war for the Tyrannian Obelisk as an embodiment of the Order of the Red Erisim's worst fears. It was summoned by the Oracle.


Do you want to fight?
Do you like my weapons? Too bad you will never have anything like them.
If only you could be as strong as I am! HAHAHA.
You should be envious of everyone as they are all better than you!
Your friends were given spells that you shall never learn.
You shall never be worth anything.
You are looking a bit green...
Hahaha... silly Neopet.
The Order made a mistake when they accepted you. You are not worthy.
You are so pathetic. Why were you allowed to help the Order?
There were three great wizards in the ancient days. I surpass them all.
Do you feel that burning in your stomach? That is envy.
It is really quite sad to see a wizard with so little worthwhile magic.
This is unthinkable!

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