The Book of Ages



This spirit appeared at the conclusion of the war for the Tyrannian Obelisk as the embodiment of the worst fears for the Seekers faction. It was summoned by the Oracle.


Fight me, if you must, I will sleep.
You should sleep more, then you might do better.
What? No, you don't want to fight or to win, you don't want to do anything...
Life goes too fast, relax, do nothing. It will be good for you.
You are getting sleeeepyyy...
Give in. There is nothing you can do to win this war. Relax and do nothing.
Ahhh... now that is the way to live... tea, a pillow and some soft music. Time to do nothing.
There really isn't anything that important that you need to do.
Let's take a nap instead. No one will notice.
Early to bed and early to midmorning nap makes a Neopet wise...
Sleep is good.
*Yawn* The pillow is soft and the blankets are warm... Time to sleep.
Why would anyone want to work?

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