The Book of Ages



This spirit appeared at the conclusion of the battle for the Tyrannian Obelisk as the embodiment of the worst fears for the Sway. It was summoned by the Oracle.


Fight me.
That was a clever attack...
A little pride never hurt anything... unless you want it hurt.
You surpassed your teachers long ago. Ignore their current advice.
Your failure was inevitable. You lack ambition.
With your quick mind, why settle for following? Take command.
What a pity you will not win because you were not in charge.
The proud will rule Neopia.
I see a thirst for power in you. I will enjoy watching it destroy you.
You must be learning even as I beat you.
Your faction is holding you back. You could be great.
Why settle for good enough? Defeat me again. You want the best treasure, don't you?
You are smarter than I thought.
No one is quite up to our standards, are they?
You did well this one time, but I will always be the better opponent.

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