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This spirit appeared at the conclusion of the battle for the Tyrannian Obelisk as an embodiment of the worst fears for the Thieves Guild. It was summoned by the Oracle.


Time to fight.
Neopoints grease the gears of society... without them, you go nowhere.
Give into the greed... You always need more, and more, and MORE!
Mmm, that's the smell of freshly minted Neopoints... like candy!
Poor little Neopet.
Think you have enough NP? You never do.
You think that's an expensive colour? How quaint.
I made a killing in the Stock Market yesterday... did you?
*jingle jingle*
Too bad you can't afford better weapons.
Embrace your desire for more Neopoints...
All that shines is gold.
You look so poor... too bad you don't have more Neopoints.
Think of all that interest you haven't been collecting... just going to waste.

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