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Jahbal was the main villian in the original NeoQuest, and planned to take over all of Neopia. He was eventually stopped by the NeoQuest Hero, who threw him off a balcony. He was once a member of the Circle of Twelve, and led them into corruption after they sealed away Xantan. They turned against him and sealed him in the Two Rings Valley. However, over the course of a thousand years, he weakened the barriers and sent out minions into the world. They destroyed the Council, and plunged the world into ruin. In the Evil mode of the game, he is controlled by Mastermind.


You have thwarted my plans long enough, [the Neoquest hero]!
I can wait an eternity for you, and you shall never defeat me!
You are no more of a threat than a mere fly. Begone!

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