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Fauna is one of the twelve protectors of Altador. Known for her strong heart, she takes care of petpets with kindness that knows no bounds. King Altador approached her to be a protector after she saved a village from a monster simply by offering an apple.

Fauna appeared in the Darkest Faerie game, posing as a servant in Meridell Castle named Faun who helped Tor catch Miamice. Later in the game, she helped Tor escape the Castle and the clutches of the Dark Faerie Sisters, before escaping to Altador herself.


While I can't approve of using Petpet labour in dangerous mining operations, I think Solly the Sandan's bravery deserves a little support! This poor Sandan needs your help rescuing his treasure from the Bori miner. Will you help me protect this little fellow?
Several important delegates have not yet arrived for the Altador Cup finals. I'd better send a few Yooyu couriers to make sure they're coming, unless you think that you can handle sending the Yooyus for me. I warn you, Yooyus can be a little wild...
Now that the Yooyus have had a bit of rest, it's time to start their training for the next Altador Cup. I like to personally oversee this phase, so that I can be sure that each Yooyu gets the care and attention that it needs.

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In the Darkest Faerie game, her statue had the inscription, "You, to whom petpets call friend, in green centre, your true path wends. As long as your great heart is bound, respite from darkness can't be found."

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