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Margoreth appeared in Neoquest, in the Jungle Ruins section. She was once a history teacher in Neopia City, but the wizard Denethrir convinced her to help explore the ruins. She became trapped in the lower levels when the monsters present in the ruins revealed themselves.


Why, hello there.
My name is Margoreth. I was once a teacher in Neopia City, but that old fool Denethrir convinced me to come with him to explore these ruins. Little did we know they were full of monsters!
No doubt Denethrir is still up above, safe and sound in his library, while I've been down here doing real research. These crates here are packed full of books and scrolls! Mostly, they're biology texts, descriptions of ancient animals and plants... interesting reading, though my specialty is history, and there's little enough of that here. But I did find out a few useful tidbits. Did you know that this ruin used to be a school and research center?
There are study rooms and libraries up above; I think that's where Denethrir is now. And I read something, a scrap of parchment, that said something about classrooms, but it also said something about a `garden' and `teaching underground'... I wasn't quite able to decipher it completely. But apparently they taught the rudiments of biology here, but something else I read didn't make any sense. It said that, `The armies of life will rule the Empire.' I don't really know what `Empire' they're talking about. It couldn't be the Great Empire... these ruins can't be THAT old!
Biology, the science of life, mostly. They studied animals, creatures from near and far... as I understand it, the jungle surrounding this place has not always been there, but was actually grown there by the wizards who ran this place. They had plants brought in from all over the world and magically created new species of plants. There are underground gardens and pools that they used to nurture and grow new plants. I saw a glimpse of one, on this level, past some rooms full of beds that looked like... well, it looked like barracks for soldiers, more than anything.
I found a few later writings, too. They were talking about some indigenous pygmy tribes who had been brought here for examination, and had established their own villages out in the jungle. But the pygmies had become hostile for some reason, and the latest writing I can find talks about fighting of some kind going on, out in the jungle.
Kreai... Kreai... Oh, I'd tried to forget that name. He was a horrible creature... I'm glad you've defeated him. When I peeked into that garden, Kreai's minions caught me, and took me before him. I explained that I was just a teacher, and was only looking around. He ordered me thrown into a lake of some kind, but before they could drag me away, a fight broke out and we were attacked... I know it sounds crazy, but I swear we were attacked by giant lizards! Anyway... in the confusion I fled and hid in this storage room.
I don't know what he means. I mean, there is magical energy pervading this place; surely even you must have sensed it. Maybe that's what he meant. Maybe... maybe my student Tylix knows what he means. Tylix came with me and Denethrir to explore, but we became separated early on. Tylix wanted to go deeper into the dungeon, and I tried to tell him not to. I don't know where he might be, now, or if he's even still alive.

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