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This Acara tends to a greenhouse in the NC Mall, growing neggs in the springtime.


Looks like your plants could do a bit of growing. Click on a planted vase to collect your awaiting prizes.
My goodness, you must like gardening as much as me! There's nothing for you to do right now; plants do take time to grow, after all. Check back soon!
You may have just a little sprout right now, but be patient. Plants can really surprise you.
Oh, wow! We had the scariest thunderstorm last night. Good thing the greenhouse protected all my pretty flowers.
Everyone thinks Petpetpets are pests, but some of them help me garden. Springabees are great pollinators.
Look at those flowers! Reminds me of a beautiful kimono I saw once in Shenkuu.
And there's the Negg. You've outdone yourself; that's one healthy plant!
Um, if you see a Pea Chia running around, can you apologise to him? I mistook him for a seed earlier. Whoopsie...
Your plant's growing like a weed. Not that it is a weed. It's far too lovely.
I'm happiest in the garden, watering my beloved plants. It's always so peaceful.
I think I just witnessed a duel between two Jermites. The little Petpetpets locked horns under the Colour Changing Tulips!
What a glorious Negg! I'm impressed. You're a natural in the garden!
Getting a little dirty is just a normal part of gardening. Dirt never hurt anyone.
It's been nothing but sunny skies lately. Isn't that great? Plants need lots of sun to grow.
If you see a Glyme on one of my plants, kindly remove it. They'll eat everything in the greenhouse!
I've got a bunch of heavy pots to move today, so please don't forget to take care of your plant. A neglected plant is a sad one.
Hmm, what interesting flowers! I've never seen stripes like that before. It must be a new hybrid.
Thanks to you, we've made spring in the greenhouse a beautiful occasion!
I have a really good feeling that the last plant will be the prettiest yet!
Remember, it's important to water enough that a plant isn't thirsty, but not so much that the poor thing drowns.
It's no use being afraid of Petpetpets. Some of them might harm the plants, but we have to remember they have a place too.
Oh dear, all that rain yesterday meant there wasn't much sun. I may turn on some heat lamps to keep our plants cosy.
Ah! Our plants have saved the best for last! That's one magnificent Negg. You've kept your plants very happy.
Do you love gardening as much as I do? Let's plant a garden together and see what grows.
Isn't this the prettiest little striped pot? I bet the Negg that grows will be striped too!
I pulled a Glyme off your plant just now. They're cute, but they'll devastate young sprouts.
You're doing a good job watering your plant! It's growing like a weed.
Almost there! I think your plant will be ready to bloom quite soon.
You did it! You took great care of your plant, and it produced a healthy striped Negg!
Arrgh, this pot is argyle! Haha, I'd make a terrible pirate. Good thing I like gardening.
Mmm, smell that? That's jasmine. I like to keep some around just for the scent.
Do you smell socks? Maybe it's the argyle Negg plant. I'm not sure I'm keen on it.
It's getting big! It should be ready to harvest as soon as the Negg blooms.
Brilliant! You've managed to grow an argyle Negg! Check that off your bucket list.
So for this plant, I thought we'd use this pot with the wavy design. *wink* You'll see why.
Looks to me like your plant is growing well. Keep checking on it, though!
Mm, it's another sunny day in the greenhouse. And that means healthy plants!
Wow, look at it go! This plant definitely had magic seeds. Tomorrow might be the big day!
I knew it! You've grown a wavy Negg from seed! Great work.
Okay, for this last one, I thought we'd go with a plaid pot. Isn't it fun?
Nice work watering. You don't want to use too much water or too little. Plants can be picky.
Look at those healthy leaves. Yup, this is a strong young plant. Let's take good care of it.
It's getting big! Looks like getting your hands dirty paid off. We should be getting a Negg soon.
Talk about saving the best for last! That's a magnificent Negg. Excellent work!

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