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This Meepit is in league with Gors the Mighty, and was one of the early original Neoquest bosses. He was given power by the scientist, Rollay, and rules over a band of Meepits. Kreai eventually rebelled against Rollay, trying to command his own army.


You foolish adventurers! When will you learn to leave me alone?! I'll destroy you for this intrusion!
Begone, coward! Return and I will destroy you!
You never stood a chance against me!
I... cannot... cannot be... defeated... I... I suppose we were foolish... to think we could live forever here... but the others... The others will not be so easily overcome. Gors... knows you are here...
You think you can defeat my Meepit armies? You are all fools! If you wish to meet your demise so willingly then come and prove your worth in single combat with my warriors!

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