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King Jazan


The Prince of the cursed city Qasala, Jazan originally came to Sakhmet to seek Princess Amira's hand in marriage. When Princess Amira stubbornly refused him as she did all suitors, he became enraged and laid siege to the city, plaguing the streets with zombified monsters and even a giant, two-headed Scorchio.

However, as it was revealed that his reasons for marriage were to break the ancient curse that had been placed upon his people, Nabile fell in love with him and being of royal blood herself, allowed for the curse to be partially broken with their marriage. As part of this, his undead father returned, and Jazan was forced to kill him. He has since began to refer to himself as King Jazan.

In an alternate timeline that has since been corrected, Jazan managed to marry Amira.


Princess, you will regret dishonoring me.

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Jazan is the 4th Prince of Qasala to hold the name Jazan. Although he calls himself a King, he also inherited the title of Emperor from his father.

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