The Book of Ages

The Archmagus of Roo


The Archmagus was one of the later bosses in the original Neoquest. He was trapped inside the Temple of Roo by the Circle of Twelve, and could only be freed by being defeated. With his defeat, the magics binding the place disappeared.


This place is protected so that none here may leave... and such a fate will be yours as well!
I will never escape from this place, and neither shall you!
Your fate was sealed when you entered this place. You never stood a chance of leaving.
I never thought anyone could find all the keys... or get to this place. You are truly powerful to have defeated me. Perhaps... perhaps you can bring peace to this place after all. Seek Erick, in the tunnels above... he went mad when they sealed this place, but he may still have the power to break free... if... if...

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