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Leirobas played a minor role in the original NeoQuest. He casts many spells in his home in Swamp Edge City, but most of them require fluids from dangerous animals.


What the heck do you want?
I'm Leirobas! Don't you know that? Kids these days...
As if you don't know. Fine, I'll play along. I collect components for various magic spells, usually precious bodily fluids from creatures. Lately it's been difficult, though, what with the giant creatures rampaging all over the desert, which is where I usually get most of my stuff. I don't need it so badly that I'm willing to risk getting killed for it!
Why are you so interested? All right, all right... I need four things: the blood of a giant spyder, venom from a desert cobra, some skeith spit, and some sand that's been treated with the blood of a mummy -- it'll be crystallized. Bring me that, and I can use it to enchant myself some new robes. Then you can have this one I'm wearing now. Now, off with you! I'm busy.
And what precisely do you expect me to do with this?
Where did you hear that name?! Don't ever say that out loud... Jewels of Power... I can't believe it. Who told you about them?
Erick... oh my... he's still alive? Astonishing. Erick was an ancient wizard. Legend has it that he was trapped in the Temple of Roo when it was sealed up... but you probably know nothing of this. Well, you don't need to know. But if Erick thinks you should know about the Jewels of Power... I will tell you more about the jewels, but first you need to prove your worthiness. I need a piece of living crystal in order to complete a spell I'm working on; you can chip a piece off of one of those crystalline golems that roam the Temple. Bring it to me and I will tell you more about the Jewels of Power.
Yes, you did. The Jewels were ancient artifacts, used to focus the different kinds of magic in order to imbue weapons with their powers. There were five of them: the Blazing Jewel, the Chilling Jewel, the Stunning Jewel, the Radiant Jewel, and the Growing Jewel, corresponding to each of the types of magic. Ages ago, though, a mad wizard whose name is lost to time, captured the Jewels and cast them into a magical vortex, from which they could not be retrieved. The Jewels can be summoned using a spell that I have recently rediscovered, though I do not have the components to do so. If you collect them for me, I will summon the appropriate Jewel.
Each of the five Jewels requires a glowing stone as an energy source, and two gemstones to specify the particular Jewel. The Blazing Jewel, for fire magic, needs a tiny garnet and a ruby. The Chilling Jewel, for ice magic, needs a sapphire and a tiny lapis. The Stunning Jewel, for shock magic, needs a topaz and a tiny amber; and the Radiant Jewel, for spectral magic, needs an onyx and a tiny obsidian. Finally, the Growing Jewel, for life magic, requires a tiny beryl and an emerald. Bring me a glowing stone and the appropriate two gems, and I can summon the corresponding Jewel of Power... I think. I hear that the undead servants of the Temple of Roo to the south, collect the larger jewels -- rubies, sapphires, and so on -- and the tiny gems, well, you might want to ask Eleus Batrin about that. He collects small gemstones as a hobby, and might know where to get tiny garnets, lapis, amber, et cetera.
This is the [Blazing Jewel/Chilling Jewel/Stunning Jewel/Radiant Jewel/Growing Jewel]. Do not handle it lightly; it is very powerful and must not fall into the hands of evil.

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