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Emperor Razul


Razul, also known as Razul the Fiery, was once the ruler of Qasala. An ancient sorcerer who was imprisoned by Sakhmet long ago, Razul was reawakened when his son, Jazan, married Nabile completing the prophecy which set Razul free.

He immediately set about to invoke his revenge upon Sakhmet but was defeated in time by Jazan. With his death, the curse of Qasala was finally lifted.

In 2016, he mysteriously returned from the grave to take part in the Games Masters Challenge, with no apparent ill effects to Qasala.


That thing? I am not a thing. I am Razul, the most powerful sorcerer to ever live!
You pathetic love-sick fool, you are an embarrassment to call my son.

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Razul also holds the title of King, which is sometimes used in place of Emperor.

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