The Book of Ages

The Oracle


This ancient spirit has been around since the very early days of Neopian history, inhabiting the Obelisk. She claims to know a lot about the future, and has the power to grant 'boons'. She will only do this to those who prove their might in battle, however. She also seems to have the power to protect herself by summoning other spirits embodying the worst fears of those approaching the Obelisk.


I am an Oracle of the elder days. I have foreseen much that will yet come to pass. The time for revelation is not at hand; now is the time for boons.
The light is fading, but the shadows do not lengthen. It is a puzzle that has kept my mind occupied for thousands of years...
I have looked upon the face of the coming days, and she is beautiful, but the path that leads me toward her is dark with ignorance and distrust.
She who waits for a sign must sit in the dark. She who puts a hand to the door and goes out will find herself in a well-lit place of friends.
The hardest part of a journey is to choose to make it. Dangers are greatest in the heart, where fear can magnify them.
It is not enough to be king in one's dreams. One must seek to be king while awake. Your time is coming, whether you are prepared or not.

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