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Gali Yoj


Gali lived in Sunny City in ancient Neopia. She tutored Eleus Batrin, and was an expert at reading Kayannin.


Who's there?
Why, I'm Gali Yoj. I'm the lore keeper in these parts; I know more than anyone about the Techo Mountains, the Two Rings, the Eastern Glade, Kal Panning... what would you like to know?
Well, you probably already know all about the Techo Mountains, since you passed through them to get here. They are riddled with a warren of caves and passages, leading to the Plains of Roo in the north, the Great Plateau in the east, and of course to our little town here. There are other things lost in the mountains, as well... ancient ruins. A mountain fortress. A lake with a mysterious island in the middle, behind a locked door...
During the time of the Great Empire, a powerful wizard built a fortress in the Techo Mountains, on a cliff overlooking the sea. The wizard was involved in research into the nature of magic, and accidentally summoned five guardian spirits, who destroyed him and took over his fortress. These elemental guardians each wield one of the Staves of Brilliance, and are immensely powerful, as they are each a focus for a particular kind of magic. They would be difficult to defeat for any who dared venture there.
The Two Rings are a huge mountain range that extends northeast from the Techo Mountains here. Each of the two 'rings' of mountains encircles an enormous valley. I've never been there myself, but from what I know, many dangerous monsters and creatures roam there. Supposedly there's a cave that leads through the mountains, into the valley, but there is a guardian who protects it.
If you follow the Great Plateau to the southeast, you will skirt around the Two Rings Mountains, and come to a great coastal forest, the Eastern Glades. They are inhabited by magical woodland creatures, but they aren't particularly fond of intruders in their home, so watch your step. The Glades surround a lake containing the island city of Kal Panning.
Kal Panning is an ancient, cursed island city. It was once a grand, prosperous city, but long ago there was a great battle there, led by the Circle of Twelve after the Great Empire split into two factions. Kal Panning rebelled against the Circle, who they claimed were becoming too powerful and greedy to rule the Empire fairly. The Circle massed an army and attacked Kal Panning, and the battle lasted over a month, with many powerful wizards on both sides. Eventually, the Circle used the last of their strength to curse Kal Panning, and the city itself rose up and destroyed the rest of the inhabitants and defenders. It has been a haunted ruin ever since.
Well, let's take a look at it, then... It's no wonder Eleus sent you to me. He was never very good at reading Kayannin script. He neglected it in his studies, thought it wasn't important. That's what these characters are, you see. And if I am not mistaken, then this item is... the Keladrian Medallion.
The Keladrian Medallion was an artifact of great power, created thousands of years ago by the Kayannin, an ancient civilization of powerful wizards. They vanished without a trace over two thousand years before the Great Empire was even founded, but many of their artifacts, which are nearly indestructible, remain to this day. It is fortunate that you were able to find this one.
Give me the medallion, and I will restore it to its normal radiance and power.
Trapped in the haunted ruin of Kal Panning are the undead remains of that city's leader, a great and powerful sorceress named Faleinn. She was known as a kind and generous leader when she was alive, but after the city fell, she was killed and rose again as a horrible creature of darkness. However I believe that she was instrumental in sealing the passage into the Two Rings. If you show her the Keladrian Medallion, she might be able to tell you something about how to get into the Two Rings... if she doesn't kill you first.
The world has long been infested with monsters, giants, undead... all sorts of horrible creatures that plague the countryside and make travel unsafe. I have reason to believe that the source of these problems can be found in the Two Rings. There is said to be an ancient dungeon in the northern ring that contains a source of great evil, which is why the Two Rings were sealed in the first place. The mountains themselves are utterly impassable; nothing could make the journey, let alone survive it. At least, nothing is SUPPOSED to be able to make the journey. The fact that the world is covered with dangerous creatures gives the lie to that claim. Something is escaping from the Two Rings that must be destroyed... and you are probably the only one who can do that. I am too old and weak to travel, and many others are too weak or frightened to attempt what must be done. But you have demonstrated amazing courage and spirit in helping unravel many mysteries, and you are probably our only hope.
This isn't useful to me.
This medallion carries a great responsibility with it. Use it wisely.

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