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Erick can be found in the Temple of Roo section of the original NeoQuest. He's an old wizard, who has old since gone insane due to being sealed within the temple. He knows the secret of magical staff construction.


Eh? Who's that? Who's there?
Oh... uh... well hello... I'm glad you found me... I don't suppose you'd be willing to help an old wizard, would you?
Uh... well... ages ago... when this place was... was attacked, in a terrible battle... they put a shield over this place, trapping the inhabitants... we cannot escape... uh... perhaps... perhaps you could find something for me... I could escape if I had it... please... please help...
Need... I need... a carved oaken staff... from the grarrls who roam the plains to the south of the Desert of Roo. And... and a headpiece... one of the Jewels of Power, to... to sit atop the staff... and one last thing. An ancient artifact... the Coruscating Gem... to focus the power and create the final... the final staff. Seek the archmagus here... he has... he has the gem.
The Jewels... the Jewels of Power are... are lost to time. But there is one who knows... who can tell you about them. Seek out Leirobas, to the north...
I do... I do... it is the Coruscating Gem, but it has been... been damaged. Give it... to me... and I will... cleanse it.
This is the Coruscating Gem.
Ah. Hmm. Yes... I remember now. The staff.
The Jewel... we used, has gone back to its vortex. Its power is drained, for a time. But this staff... this staff holds that power now.
I am freed! Once my health is regained, I shall leave this place forever. Thank you kindly for your assistance, [the Neoquest hero]. You have done well.

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