The Book of Ages

Advisor Broo


Advisor Broo is advisor to King Roo, and seems to be manipulating the energetic King for his own gain.


We all know who holds the true reins of power in Roo Island, and it isn't that simple-minded dice-throwing King.
Shall we start?
HAH!!! You think I will let you leave now you know my secret!
Become one of my... the Kings followers!
Only a true genius like myself will rule Roo Island!
You aren't very bright are you?!?
I assure you, the king is in the palm of my hand!
Do you actually think that buffoon rules Roo Island?!?
You will not leave here in one piece!
Muahahaha, you won't beat me next time...
You have lost to Advisor Broo!!!
I have been tasked with overseeing the treasurer selection process. This is beneath my station. I WILL be holding it against you. I am frankly appalled to find this simple game is the test, as I have always found it to be ridiculously easy. Still, royal orders...
Candy is attacking! Run for the hills! That silly king of ours is oblivious to his doom, but that's no reason for the rest of us to fall too! Run! RUN!

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