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Mokti played a minor role in the original Neoquest, and lived in Swamp Edge City. He once tried to cross the Desert of Roo, but turned back after he almost lost all of his water. He hasn't tried again, as the desert became dangerous. He is interested in lizards and snakes, and trades energy shield for new specimens to add to his collection.


Hello! Welcome to Swamp Edge City. My name is Mokti!
Well, this is Swamp Edge City, as I said... not a very creative name, since we're right on the edge of the Great Swamp. Thankfully the creatures that live out there don't come very far out of the swamp itself, so we're safe here. There's not a whole lot of people who live here, really, so there's not much to tell... to the south are some grasslands and then the Desert of Roo. I once went into the Desert of Roo to see if I could get to the other side, but even though I was well-provisioned with food and water, after three days of crossing the sands, there was no end in sight, so I turned back. I've heard that there are some mountains and forests south of the desert, but the desert could go on forever for all I know.
Well, sure. It's... well, it's a desert. Lots of sand and rock and nasty creatures. There weren't so many when I tried to cross it, but since then I've heard that it's overrun with giant critters and horrible undead fiends. Which is too bad, because I was trying to collect some things from there, but now it's too dangerous.
Well, I've always been interested in lizards and snakes and spyders and other kinds of creepy-crawlies, and with the rumors of giant beasties out there... well, let me just say that I'd love to be able to get a closer look at them. Dead, of course. What I'm looking for is a leg and a pincer from some of the huge spyders, a desert cobrall fang -- watch out, they're poisonous -- and a skeith's eye. If you can bring me all that, I'll give you this old hunk of junk generator here. I don't need it.
Cities? Well... I heard that to the south, past the desert, are some mazelike mountains, and nestled somewhere in them is a small village, but I don't even know how to get to the mountains, let alone the town. Rumor has it that the town is high on a cliff, and so it's sunny there all the time.
You saw Rikti?! Oh, I'm glad to hear he's all right... hopefully he'll come home soon. Thank you so much for bringing me the message, I've been so afraid for him ever since he left.
Oh, you know how little brothers are... he wanted adventure, excitement. Bah! A Swamp Edge citizen craves not these things. He is reckless. Well, I hope he comes home soon, anyway.
This isn't what I was looking for.
Wow, great! I can't wait to show all my friends this cool stuff! Well, here's the generator, as promised. It's a piece of junk; I don't even know what it's for, but if you want it...

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Mokti is Rikti's older brother.

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