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Mr. Irgo


Mr. Irgo sold some of the strongest equipment in the original NeoQuest, and collected monster remains to sell on the black market. He set up shop in the Techo Caves.


Hmm... You look suitable for a task I have in mind.
My name is Mr. Irgo. I sell valuable pieces of monsters on the black market; living gemstones, body parts of certain beasts, and so on.
I need you to collect things for me. The first is a set of gems, or rather, pieces of the living rock creatures that inhabit these caves. I need a piece of agate, a piece of chrysolite, and a piece of serpentine. If you bring me these, I will chip off a fragment of each and create a new piece of armour for you: an energy absorber.
The second set of things I need are pieces of the drakonids who live here: an eye, a hide, and a heart. Bring me these and I can draw some of their magical power away to make you an robe of protection.
Quit wasting my time! This isn't what I asked for.
As I promised you, here is a Robe of Protection. Now begone, as I have work to do.
Here you go, as I promised, an Energy Absorber. Now begone. I must continue my work.

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