The Book of Ages

Queen Nabile


A member of the Desert Scarabs, an underground group of thieves, Nabile had been living on the streets since she was a small child. One day, both she and Tomos spotted a wealthy prince leaving the city of Sakhmet and decided to follow him in hopes of easy treasure.

Eventually it was revealed that Nabile is actually a descendent from the royal bloodline of Sakhmet, making her a potential princess and thus a bride for the prince, Jazan. She and Jazan quickly fell in love and went on to restore the ruined city of Qasala once the curse was finally broken.

At some point in the future, Nabile will return to her life as a street thief in Qasala in order to root out rivals to the crown plotting against her and Jazan.


Sigh, Tomos you are quite hopeless!
If we get out of this alive, Tomos, you're SO dead.

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