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Princess Amira


As the current ruler of Sakhmet, and the eldest daughter of King Coltzan III, Princess Amira has been given the task of restoring her home city to its former glory.

Her beauty and intelligence has lead to hundreds of suitors seeking her hand in marriage but she stubbornly refuses any proposals made to her. When Jazan became amongst the list of her rejected, he cast her beloved city into an alternate dimension with undead monsters and giant two-headed scorchios. She still refused his advances, claiming she'll never be terrified into marriage.


For the last time NO!
We've heard new reports of a massive bug attack in Neopian Protection Zone 6b. I'm worried our agents there will be overwhelmed. I'd appreciate it if you could journey there and lend them a hand. Any outstanding bravery will be well-rewarded.
Let's hope we never have to work together again. At least, not to solve a crime in my palace. You're welcome to visit Sakhmet anytime.
Wait a moment! Those parchments... I thought I'd lost this.
Henceforth let it be known throughout the Lost Desert that Neopets are not to wear white after Draik Day...

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She has a Petpet named Princess.

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