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Ryshu is one of the four guardians of the Training School on Mystery Island. In his youth he was arrogant, but through the teachings of the Techo Master, he learned to become the master he is today - according to his Battledome quotes, his training lasted roughly thirty years.


Relax, and prepare to fight!
Practice will help you!!!
I can only show you the door, but you're the one who has to walk through it.
Your skill is there but you have no heart. You should watch Nimmo Yoga.
Respect me and I will respect you. No hard feelings. I'm just a master.
Whoa! Good stuff! You have been well trained... Hey, what's that behind you?
You must respect and obey your master... Me!!!
The weapon is only as good as the skill level and purpose of the weapon's user. Remember that while I defeat you...
Once your mind is right, you will win. Till then try to get your rhythm.
This is how you honour me? I am the Neo-fu master...
You are doing well!! Let's fight again!
You are a beginner. I have over ten thousand days of training... I am the master.
Hello young one, first thing's first... I will teach you a lesson you will never forget.
I see that fear has entered your mind. That is a mistake.
I don't use special effects. I am the special effect.
Never shadow box recklessly, unless you aspire to lose.
It is wonderful to see such a marvelous display of martial arts! I'm journeying to Shenkuu to share in our teachings. Perhaps you'd like to join me? I would welcome a training partner.

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