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Brucey B


Brucey B actually spends a lot of time as a bingo caller but he's also very into the card game known as Cheat!. He was able to win the Annual Neopian Cheat! Championships with the help of his lucky coin.

Unfortunately his winning streak brought some unwanted attention and his lucky coin was later stolen by a mysteriously scarred jetsam. Angered and desperate to get back on a winning streak, Brucey B, with the aid of his friends, traveled through the Haunted Woods in pursuit of the thief. Together, the band of Cheat! players became the first Neopets to discover the Lost Desert, where Dr. Sloth was conspiring an evil plan to take over Neopia.

He is known to own a Mallard called Biebo, who is level 5.


Oh, hi Capara.. yeah great news isn't it! I have been on this amazing lucky streak all week... and, and I have even better news for you... I have been invited to another game, I'm bound to win....
I'm not just an excellent Cheat! player, you know. I'm quite an accomplished ice skater as well. It just comes natural to Bruces. I dare you to outperform me! What? No I'm not wearing my lucky coin... it's just... a gold medallion, that's all!
Normally I love wintering in the Lost Desert; it's like a beach vacation without that pesky salt water. Sometimes, though, I like to visit Terror Mountain just to remind all the other Bruces how excellent my ice skating skills are!
Heeeeyyy, if you've come to shake fins with the Neopian who saved the world from Dr. Sloth, I gotta tell you, I'm in the middle of a Cheat! tournament.
On second thought, what's your business? Oh, you're that chief investigator for the Princess. Beg your pardon, I mistook you for someone else.
I'll only speak on condition of anonymity, okay? I've got a reputation as a great guy, and I wouldn't want to mess that up.
Er... Now that I think about it, you may have a point. All right, don't ask me how I know this, but...
There. That should blow the case wide open. *wink*
My goodness, but it's hot here! I'm talking about the competition of course, I mean now that I've arrived. It's a pity some of the other competitors came here to win, because they're going home disappointed...
You know, I'm usually the lucky one around here but why don't you give this a go?
Time to hit the Jackpot!! It's easy come on you an do it! I've done it over a thousand times, just pull that lever and make it yours. The key to success is to have confidence! Just take it from me Brucey B ;).

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